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Throughout history Afghanistan has seen numerous military campaigns most notably by the Mongols, Muslim Arabs, British and the Soviet Union due to its key location on the Silk Road, connecting it to the Middle East and other parts of Asia. Afghanistan is divided by the Hindu Kush Mountains running across the country making up the central highlands; these mountains also form part of the Himalayas. The country has a largely arid climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters with high levels of snowfall particularly in the central highlands. Some Areas in the East of the country bordering Pakistan are affected by the Indian monsoon which brings moist, maritime, tropical air in the summer. The current population of Afghanistan is estimated at approximately 32 million people, with many who had fled the troubles now starting to return. At one point the Afghan refugee population in Pakistan alone reached 3. The capital city Kabul is the largest in Afghanistan with a population of over three and a half million people.

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Zoroastrianism is an ancient Persian religion that may have originated as early as 4, years ago. Zoroastrianism was the state religion of three Persian dynasties, until the Muslim conquest of Persia in the seventh century A. Zoroastrian refugees, called Parsis, escaped Muslim persecution in Iran by emigrating to India. Zoroastrianism now has an estimated , to , worshipers worldwide, and is practiced today as a minority religion in parts of Iran and India.

Most of what is known about Zoroaster comes from the Avesta—a collection of Zoroastrian religious scriptures.

Afghanistan courtship rituals and foreigners He showed me around the city, but most interestingly he told me about Afghan dating.

Many Sikh and Hindu activists have since appealed for international assistance to help relocate them to outside of Afghanistan. Recalling the horrific incident that ended after about six hours of fire exchange between IS militants and Afghan security forces, he told VOA that he considers his survival a miracle.

Sorry, but your browser cannot support embedded video of this type, you can download this video to view it offline. But, since the conflict, Sikhs and Hindus have found themselves increasingly targeted. The population of both minorities has shrunk from about , to less than a thousand. The Taliban in the past have ordered the Sikhs to wear yellow armbands so they could be easily distinguished from the Muslim majority. Farhang said that Hindus and Sikhs were not given the same rights as Afghan Muslims, and the minority groups felt increasingly targeted.

He said Article 62 of the Afghan constitution that states only a Muslim can run for president shows religious minorities are looked down upon. Menapal said the country in the past few years under President Ashraf Ghani has made significant progress to address the issues these communities face. Some members of the minority groups say they are not willing to give in despite continued terror attacks and discrimination.

Dating rituals in afghanistan

Custom Search. Engagement is an essential part of Afghan marriage customs. They bring with them sweets and gifts for the bride to be and money and clothes for the family members of the bride. The two parties then discuss matters of dowry as part of Afghan marriage customs. It generally consists of livestock, property and money.

KEYWORDS: Independent media, Afghanistan, political economy, critical effort includes a focus on the production of a new, Western-friendly, Afghan culture. hearts and minds dating back to Cold War-era American foreign policy efforts.

Being a society which has strong roots in centuries-old customs weddings in Afghanistan also is a traditional affair. Marriages are arranged by the families. Then elderly members of the family arrange a marriage contract between the families. Then the male members of the family sit together and schedule the -E-Ne Khore party. It is the bride’s family which usually pays for the party.

It is organised before the wedding for the bride and groom to get to know each other. The groom should also provide household items to the bride and bear the wedding expenses. The wedding is an elaborate affair in Afghanistan. A few days before the wedding a henna party is organised. The bride will wear purple colour traditional Afghan clothes.

What makes the function different from the rest of the world is that an Afghan bride will close her hands during the function and her future mother-in-law should open it. Dancing is also an important part of the henna function. Usually, Afghan weddings start about 6 in the evening and will last for hours. The groom usually travels on horseback which is decorated with colourful clothes.

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KABUL — Mohammad Wali was just 12 years old when his widowed mother began arranging his marriage to a year-old woman from their village in Ghazni Province. I want to go to school. But his mother insisted on the marriage to ensure that she and Wali’s two teenage sisters would not become street beggars — a possibility she feared because of local inheritance customs for widows who don’t have a male heir.

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At , sq km , The Afghan government offers little incentive to promote reforestation initiatives and has minimal capacity to control or hinder the highly profitable, although illegal, timber trade. Afghanistan is at the center of many ancient civilizations stretching back at least 3, years. Its geographical placement between the Chinese, Indian and European civilizations means that through the centuries it has attracted many outsiders, invaders as well as merchants.

Control over Afghanistan has shifted from one foreign actor to another throughout history. Persians, Macedonians, Buddhists, Mongols and Indians have all conquered the area in the past 2, years. There is evidence that large numbers of nomadic migrants migrated south from the Caspian Sea to present-day Afghanistan during the late early 2nd millennium. According to legend, as they traveled they sang hymns that were passed on by word of mouth from one generation of priests to another until c.

Some of the nomadic migrants appear to have settled in Afghanistan. Physical proof of an advanced civilization in northern Afghanistan around BCE has come from more than a dozen excavations conducted during the s in the region that archaeologists refer to as the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex BMAC. Findings made at BMAC reveal a series of cities and settlements, each with a distinctive and exceptionally large architectural footprint, with temple structure, administrative quarters and defensive walls.

The city in northern Afghanistan named Baktra present-day Balkh is recorded in the Avesta as the birthplace of Zarathustra Spitama Zoroaster , the founder of Zoroastianism, one of the first great world religions that is still practiced to this day.

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With the looming withdrawal of Nato troops and a persistent insurgent threat, Afghanistan is in a precarious position. Innumerable tragedies have beleaguered rural Afghans throughout the past decades of conflict — perpetual violence, oppression of women, and crushing poverty have all contributed to the Hobbesian nature of life in the Afghan countryside. While the Afghan government has been able to address some of these issues since the Taliban’s ouster in , archaic social traditions and deep-seated gender norms have kept much of rural Afghanistan in a medieval state of purgatory.

Perhaps the most deplorable tragedy, one that has actually grown more rampant since , is the practice of bacha bazi — sexual companionship between powerful men and their adolescent boy conscripts. This phenomenon presents a system of gender reversal in Afghanistan.

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Offering and Complimenting Items. Join over organisations already creating a better workplace. You can download this cultural profile in an easy-to-read PDF format that can be printed out and accessed at any time. The figure of the total population of each country is drawn from the global estimates listed in the CIA World Factbook , unless otherwise stated.

All other statistical information on the demographics of the migrant population in Australia is based on the Australian Housing and Population Census. Afghan Culture. Core Concepts.

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This new “traditional Afghan” institution of political culture has been justified by dubiously constructed precedents dating back to the founder of Durrani Pashtun.

By Joseph Kiprop on April 25 in Society. Afghanistan has a rich and diverse culture that has taken shape for thousands of years. The culture of Afghanistan is influenced by Islam. There are two official languages in the country; Dari and Pashto. Islam is the major religion in the country and is practiced by about However, the oldest extant religion in Afghanistan is Zoroastrianism which is believed to have its origins in the country dating back to the 18th century BC.

There are an estimated 2, Zoroastrians in modern Afghanistan. There is also a significant number of Muslims in the country who identify as nondenominational and modern Muslims. The Christian population in Afghanistan is believed to be comprised of between and 8, individuals. The types of clothes worn in Afghanistan are a reflection of the cultural composition of the country. Many of the traditional attires of the country are made out of light linen and are characterized by loose fittings.

Among the most popular traditional attires in Afghanistan is the Pashtun clothing. The male Pashtun clothing is accessorized with traditional headgear such as the perahan turban or the karakul hat.

The decline of Afghanistan’s Hindu and Sikh communities

Remember this is only a very basic level introduction to Afghan culture and the people; it can not account for the diversity within Afghan society and is not meant in any way to stereotype all people you may meet in the country. Before touching upon Afghan culture, it’s important to recognise the trauma caused by over 40 years of continued war and its devastating impact on Afghanistan’s people, culture and society.

Afghanistan has historically been a peaceful country; during World War II, for example, they remained neutral and neither suffered nor launched attacks on others. However, it has been necessary for them to defend their country from invasions most recently from the Soviet Union and British while also fighting the Taliban and jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda. In the Kandahar Province, April , for example, Afghan authorities arrested the head of the Daesh terrorist group and 20 of his commanders.

Student Life & Culture. Differences Between Afghan and American Gender. Politics: Subtle Versus Blatant Sexism, and Both. Their Dangers.

Dating is rare in Afghanistan because most marriages are arranged by parents, and schools are separate for boys and girls. The opportunities to meet are rare. Girls have a P. Most teens go out in large groups and don’t pair off until they are 18 or 19 years old in Australia. Girls often ask out boys and pay for the date, too. Couples often go to dinner parties, barbecues, or the beach. Dating is not allowed until the age of 15 here.


Visit our new interactive Atlas! The lowest median age at first marriage is in Nimroz. Child marriage is driven by gender inequality and the belief that girls are somehow inferior to boys.

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Simon was born in Lagos, Nigeria in and educated in England finishing at Oxford and Bristol Universities with a degree in Philosophy and Sociology. After leaving the Documentary Photography course in Newport, South Wales he worked for far-left publications specializing in work on anti-racist activities and fascist groups, in particular the British National Party. In he gave up photojournalism in favor of landscape photography.

They were followed in the 7th century by Islamic conquerors and, in the 13th and 14th centuries, by Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. All these empire builders left their mark. Around , Ahmad Shah Duranni brought together a state recognisable as the precursor to Afghanistan. In the 19th century, Afghanistan became a battleground in the rivalry between Imperial Britain and Czarist Russia for control of Central Asia.

Three Anglo-Afghan Wars , , and ended inconclusively, with full independence from Britain achieved only in His overthrow in was followed by a decade of instability as liberal reformists came under pressure from both radical Marxists seeking closer ties with Moscow; and from Washington-supported, armed conservatives who sought to create an Islamic state. Fearing the government was on the verge of collapse, Moscow responded with a full-scale invasion of the country in December

The Engagement, Henna and Nikah in Afghan Marriage Customs

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The culture of Afghanistan has persisted for over three millennia, tracing record to at least the time of the Achaemenid Empire in BCE. Afghanistan translates.

The culture of Afghanistan has persisted for over three millennia , tracing record to at least the time of the Achaemenid Empire in BCE. Nearly all Afghans follow Islamic traditions , celebrate the same holidays, dress the same , consume the same food , listen to the same music and are multi-lingual to a certain extent. In the southern and eastern region, the Pashtuns live in accordance with the Pashtun culture and are usually bilingual in Pashto and Dari also known as Afghan Persian [4] The western, northern, and central regions of Afghanistan are influenced by neighboring Central Asian and Persian cultures.

The lands of Afghanistan have a long history of art , with the world’s earliest known usage of oil painting found in cave murals in the country. Since the s, the nation began to use Western techniques in art. Abdul Ghafoor Breshna was a prominent Afghan painter and sketch artist from Kabul during the 20th century. Afghanistan’s art was originally almost entirely done by men, but recently women are entering the arts programs at Kabul University.

There are a number of art schools in the country. Traditionally, only women have been involved in theater acting.