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The Snowdonia Mountains and Coast region truly is the heartland of the Welsh language. Here Welsh is the day to day language and is spoken and understood by the majority of the population. Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe and belongs to the Indo European family of languages. The Welsh are descendents of Celtic tribes who came to Britain in around B. The oldest surviving works in old Welsh date back to the 7th century making them the oldest attested native language in Europe. The earliest Welsh language poems are part of what is known as the heroic tradition, the most famous of which were written by Taliesin and Aneirin. This is the first work to mention the Welsh warrior leader Arthur. These were recorded in monasteries during the medieval times but the poems date back to and AD. This is the oldest recorded poetry in Britain. At the same time the most famous and influential of medieval stories known collectively as the Mabinogion were also recorded and refer to Celtic times and gods.

Welsh Language Project

Broadly speaking, the further north and west in the county you go, the more likely you are to encounter the Welsh language. A person studying a family in the east of Montgomeryshire may never need to understand a word of Welsh. On the other hand, a person with ancestors in the west of the county, especially nonconformist ancestors, is likely to come across the language at a fairly early stage.

LANGUAGE COMMITTEE. DATE. 9 July TITLE. Consultation Draft Welsh in Education. Strategic Plans Regulations (Wales) and guidance.

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Is the Welsh language under threat?

Welsh — First Language — Welsh is of prime importance to all Welsh speakers and enables them to learn about their background and heritage. Welsh — Second Language — Welsh is very important in the world of work. Welsh is a subject which is accepted by every college and examining body, and is a medium which is used in all sorts of occupations.

To speak it is an acquisition but to have academic qualifications in it is too precious an acquisition to ignore.

Anglesey County Council are required to comply with the Welsh Language Investigations by the Welsh Language Commissioner. No. Date of. Initial.

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Welsh language policy

W elsh speakers are not used to their language and their culture being perceived as interesting or cool. When Welsh does make the headlines, it tends to be in the context of English visitors complaining about restaurant staff and pub clientele speaking it, as though people speaking their own language in their own country were a deliberate act of rudeness.

We Welsh speakers may live and breathe the language, but many people outside Britain are unaware it even exists. All my life, it has been in crisis — but change is in the air. The number of speakers has surged to , — up from , in , according to the Office of National Statistics.

Ofcom has had a voluntary Welsh Language Scheme since 30 March. comes into force on the date this Scheme comes into force. The plan will.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. The majority of European languages, including Welsh, evolved from a language now called Indo-European, which developed into nine different language groups, one of which was Celtic. In turn, Celtic developed its own family of languages. Before the coming of the Roman empire, Celtic languages were spoken across Europe.

Present day place names indicate the extent of their influence: the town of Bala in Turkey and the city of London in England both have names with Celtic origins, as do the rivers Danube, Rhone and Rhine. The Celtic languages that survived are those that migrated from mainland Europe to the western islands of Britain and Ireland. Labelled Insular to differentiate them from the Continental European languages, the versions of Celtic on these western islands developed into two branches.

In Ireland, Goidelic – or Q-Celtic, thanks to its characteristic kw sound – became the dominant language and gave rise to Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx. Most historians date the arrival of the Celtic language in Britain to around BC.

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The number of Welsh speakers by September last year was 14, 0. In March , or On top of that, many Government policies, like promoting universities outside Wales and its focus on promoting extractive transport links, are promoting out-migration from Wales and Welsh-speaking communities.

There are approximately , Welsh speakers today and, due to a renewed The poems of Taliesin and Aneirin dating from the late seventh century C.E.

The Welsh Language Wales Measure established a legal framework to impose duties on public organisations to compy with one or more standards of conduct on the Welsh language, which was made an official language of Wales. This means Welsh must be treated no less favourably than the English. The standards explain how organisations are expected to use the Welsh across a wide range of areas in Wales.

Standards aim to make it clear to organisations what their duties are in relation to the Welsh language, make it clearer to Welsh speakers about the services they can expect to receive in Welsh and make Welsh language services more consistent and improve their quality. The university will have to meet the majority of the standards by the 1st of April , but will have until the 1st of October to meet some additional standards and the 1st of October to meet the standards relating to bilingual websites and intranets.

The standards detail how the University is expected to use the Welsh language across a wide range of activities in Wales.

The Welsh Language

As per Standard , the Council is required to draw up, publish and to draw up an action plan to promote the Welsh language with the aim of increasing language use and the number of Welsh speakers in the county borough. An overview of the responses received and how they informed the Strategy have been included in the Consultation Report. The Welsh Language Commissioner issued a Compliance Notice on 30th September indicating which standards were to be applied to the Council and from which date.

The Council has challenged 55 of these standards; the Commissioner has considered that the challenge on 54 of the Standards is valid. In accordance with section 60 2 of the Measure, the requirement on Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council to comply with these standards has been postponed until:.

Annual monitoring report to the Welsh language commissioner. 3. The Money Advice Service: Welsh Language Scheme. Completion date. New policies and.

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The Britons, a Celtic tribe, who first settled in the area that is now Wales, had already begun to identify themselves as a distinct culture by the sixth century C. The word “Cymry,” referring to the country, first appeared in a poem dating from By C. The words “Wales” and “Welsh” are Saxon in origin and were used by the invading Germanic tribe to denote people who spoke a different language.


The Board was responsible for administering the Welsh Language Act and for seeing that public bodies in Wales kept to its terms. Over Welsh language schemes were agreed with a range of bodies named under the provisions of the Act. In cases where there were concerns that public bodies were not complying with their Welsh language schemes, the Board could hold a statutory investigation.

In Rhodri Morgan, previous First Minister of Wales, announced his decision to abolish the Welsh Language Board and it was finally abolished in March and was replaced by what is now known as the Welsh Language Service. This is being achieved by offering core and project funding to the following organisations to develop a variety of activities and campaigns to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language across communities in Wales:.

Data from the Census, has confirmed there are more young Welsh speakers in than in the previous census in , thanks to awards to Mudiad Meithrin and Mentrau Iaith Cymru. The service aims to increase the provision of Welsh-language activities for children and young people and to increase their awareness of the value of the language in the classroom and with fun leisure and cultural activities. The Welsh Language Service are continuing to support mentrau iaith and a number of other bodies at a grass-roots level to take action in areas where the Welsh language is, or was until comparatively recently, the main language of daily life.

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